International Women’s Day: Top 8 Health Tips for Women

women's day

Happy Women’s Day lovelies! Today, we unabashedly celebrate womanhood and as such, feel the need to show our appreciation for women with a special article on how they can stay healthy. Consider this as a cheat sheet on healthy living so keeping a few of these tips in mind will help you stay in good health while you enjoy the best of what life’s got to offer 1. Chill the … Read More

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What Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer


With over 14,000 cases recorded annually, cervical cancer is the second leading type of cancer affecting females in Nigeria. This is because it’s easy to contract through multiple sources even though it’s also highly preventable. The challenge is that many people do not know they have contracted it and end up passing on the virus responsible for it. We believe that the more people are made aware of the disease … Read More

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Get Healthy Bones From These Calcium Rich Foods

healthy bones

When it comes to building strong and healthy bones, there are two key nutrients: calcium and vitamin D. Calcium supports your bones and teeth structure, while vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth. These nutrients are important early in life, but they may also help as you advance in age when the chances of developing osteoporosis – a disease characterized by brittle and breaking bones – are higher. You … Read More

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17 Important Lessons From 2017 for a Better 2018


Hi there, welcome to 2018! The previous year has been a wonderful one for us. Sure, there were challenges but we confronted them as a team, trusted one another and forged ahead. Along the way, we learned lots of lessons and believe it’s better to share with you because you might find some of them useful on your journey through 2018. Here are 17 important lessons we learned from 2017. … Read More

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Common Health Problems Your Child Can Inherit From You

health problems

When we look at kids, we mostly focus on the physical attributes they share with their parents – eyes, shape of head, nose, mouth, etc. Some attributes are understated while others are so striking that there’s no need for a DNA test, should there be any doubters. However, not only do kids inherit physical attributes, they also inherit some of their parents’ health problems. There are ‘simple’ issues such as … Read More

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7 Diseases That Running Can Help You Prevent


When was the last time you broke into a jog or a sprint? If you can confidently say you’ve been running, then that’s great. If not, the following benefits of running can help to change your mind. According to multiple studies, running isn’t just about keeping fit and maintaining a great shape, it’s also a tool for preventing certain illnesses. Here are 7 diseases running can help you prevent. 1. … Read More

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5 Common Sexual Health Issues Men Face

sexual health issues

For men, discussing sexual health issues might be an uphill task because any indication of a challenge in this regard is usually considered to be an indictment of his masculinity. However, this shouldn’t be the case. In addition, sexual health issues can be a sore spot for men in relationships whose situations will largely impact on their partners. For instance, 15 percent of couples are deemed to be infertile and … Read More

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5 Desk Exercises You Can Legit Do at Work

Desk Exercises

Question: Since when did it become a good idea to have desk exercises at work? Answer: Since sitting became the new smoking. Quite an exaggeration when considered at face value but according to scientists, inactivity is responsible for more annual deaths than smoking. A sedentary lifestyle has also been associated with 6% of coronary heart disease cases, 7% of type 2 diabetes, 10% of breast cancer cases and 10% of … Read More

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7 Nutrition Tips We Should All Know as We Age


Did you know that as we age, the number of calories we need begins to decline? As a result, our nutrition needs change and dietary rules become a bit stricter so it is important to ensure that each calorie we eat is packed full of the right nourishment needed for each stage of life. According to researchers on nutrition and aging, males aged 50 to 70 need approximately 2,200 calories … Read More

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Healthcare Plan

healthcare plan

Asking why you need a healthcare plan is a sensible thing to do, especially if you are young, healthy and can count your hospital visits on one hand. Why pay an annual sum that you might not even utilize? Your mental calculator tells you it’s a waste of money and it’s easier to imagine paying for healthcare only when you need it (while you say ‘It’s not your portion’ on … Read More

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