Hypertension: Knowing Your Numbers Can Make A Difference


Do you sometimes wonder how seemingly unimportant some things are, but neglecting them can have adverse effects? Well, that’s how our heart is; it ticks along all day keeping us alive but if we don’t pay special attention to it, high blood pressure (hypertension) could be around the corner. There is a reason why hypertension is called the silent killer. It has no obvious symptoms so the best way to … Read More

That’s Not True! 7 Diabetes Myths Debunked

Diabetes Myths

Diabetes is a disease that is still shrouded in “myths and fables”. Diabetes is undoubtedly one of the most challenging health problems of our time so the need to separate fact from fiction has never been more important. As part of our public duty and as patriotic Nigerians, we are going undercover to debunk some of the most popular diabetes myths.  Myth 1: I know my body, I know when … Read More

Diabetes: Healthy living starts with breakfast

Healthy living

Healthy living starts with breakfast – we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For people with diabetes, this is especially so as it can help keep blood sugar levels stable. For those without diabetes, breakfast is equally as important as it not only sets the stage for the entire day but also has a number of health benefits. Health benefits of breakfast Breakfast … Read More

Are you flirting with Hypertension?


Do you worry about high blood pressure (hypertension)? For many of us who think it is an ‘old person’s disease’, the answer is probably ‘no’. Unfortunately, hypertension affects people of all ages and there is an increasing number of ‘younger’ people diagnosed as hypertensive, especially men. According to the World Health Organisation, a staggering 40% of Nigerians are hypertensive and from all indications, this number will only rise. This isn’t … Read More