5 embarrassing men’s health questions answered.

embarrassing men’s health questions

Many men don’t bother to visit their doctor until they are faced with an acute health problem. To them, preventive health is meaningless until something noticeable on their body breaks, like their nose, or when an important organ fails to function properly. Even at that, they are not always willing to ask questions when they have a health concern because they consider it too embarrassing. This isn’t healthy but the … Read More

The truth about ulcers (and how you can manage them)

the truth about ulcers
Category: Healthy Living

In Nigeria, the first question you get from anyone whenever ulcers come up in conversation is about your diet. Do you eat three square meals? How long do you wait between meals? Are you on a diet? But what really is the truth about ulcers? Are they caused by starvation or something else? Find out! Very rarely do you get asked if it’s about something eating you up instead of … Read More

Is coffee a ‘lowkey’ laxative? It probably is (we’ll explain).

why coffee makes you poop
Category: Healthy Living

Like it or not, coffee poops are a thing. This is definitely not the hottest topic of conversation, but we’re sure you are curious. Who doesn’t want to know why coffee makes people have to poop not too long after drinking it. Unfortunately, there’s no solid answer as to why coffee makes you poop. However, there are some theories on the coffee-poop connection. Although the mechanism isn’t completely known, we … Read More

Generic vs Brand-Name Medications: What’s the Difference?

Generic vs Brand-Name Medications

One of the most common digs thrown at HMOs is that they only approve cheap medications for their members to use. In Nigeria, this bias is even stronger due to the assumption that the more expensive a product is, the better. As such, whenever there’s a generic vs brand-name medications situation, the logic is that if a drug is inexpensive/generic, then it is inferior. This isn’t true and we’ll tell … Read More

False-positives: how your home pregnancy test can trick you.

home pregnancy test

One of the most frustrating things for a woman who is actively trying to get pregnant is feeling pregnancy symptoms, using a home pregnancy test kit to confirm and getting a positive result, only to find out later that it is false. This also applies to women who are actively trying not to get pregnant. Imagine the feeling of panic that precedes a doctor’s appointment, only to eventually learn that … Read More

Soft or Hard Toothbrushes: What’s Best For You?

soft or hard toothbrushes
Category: Healthy Living

As simple as it sounds, choosing between soft or hard toothbrushes sounds like a difficult choice for most people. We’ve dug into research done by experts in the dental industry, from dentists to toothpaste manufacturers and now we have answers for you. What are the different toothbrush bristle types? Generally, there are four kinds of toothbrushes available in pharmacies and stores: extra-soft, soft, medium-soft and hard. Which toothbrush is best: … Read More