Stealth Health: How To Stay Healthy Without Really Trying

Staying healthy
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While staying healthy is a conscious decision with a seemingly long list of dos and don’ts to comply with,it’s sometimes not as hard as you think. To stay healthy, you can infuse your life with the power of prevention incrementally and fairly painlessly, and yes, doing something, no matter hows mall, is infinitely better for you than doing nothing. From your morning shower to the evening news, from your work commute … Read More

What Cereals Are Safe For Babies?


A few days ago, we stumbled on a disturbing question asked by a parent on Twitter. He wanted to know if Golden Morn was okay for a 7-month baby. It was quite shocking and our simple answer was “No” but we believe parents should really know why some cereals aren’t safe for babies. It may sound weird that some cereals are not good for babies but there are different types: … Read More

Win Laptops, Movie Tickets and Vouchers in Avon HMO’s Children’s Day Contest

Children’s Day
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Every child is uniquely gifted and worthy of celebration. Studies have shown that praising children for the things they do boosts their self-esteem and contributes to their overall development. This isn’t restricted to big achievements like passing an academic test or talents like playing an instrument like a maestro but also the things we consider ordinary. The simplest thing a child does that makes you smile is something to be … Read More

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Suicidal Person

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Suicidal Person

What will you do if you see an obvious sign that someone you know and love is suicidal or contemplating suicide? The feeling will most likely be shock. Then dread and confusion.You’ll basically start with questions. “How? How could someone you love and care about want to die? However, it is important to realize that as shocking as the situation might be, your loved one has just handed you a … Read More

5 Lean Foods You Can Eat On Your Weight Loss Journey

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Any one interested in weight loss is always confronted with a dilemma when it comes to food. “If you’re asking me to give this up and eat less of that, then what do I have left to eat?” It’s a legitimate question actually, because you can’t leave a vacuum even when you’re eating healthy and have an eye on weight loss. Since the idea is to consume fewer calories, the … Read More

7 Myths And Facts About Health Insurance In Nigeria

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Health insurance is an important financial scheme that helps protect a person’s finances in the event of illnesses. However, Nigeria’s dearth of education about the subject has led to the perpetuation of myths and misconceptions about it, which is a major reason why a large number of people still don’t have one. The aim of this article is to dispel the many myths surrounding the concept of health insurance by … Read More


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