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social distancing

Coronavirus: Answers to the Top 7 Questions About Social Distancing

| Healthy Living | No Comments

You’ve probably heard about social distancing & the important role it can play in slowing the spread of coronavirus, #COVID19. But what exactly is it & how can it impact your life? Here are answers to the top 7 questions about social distancing. 1. What is social distancing and why is it important? Social distancing = distancing yourself from others. It’s a crucial “community mitigation strategy” recommended by the Centers … Read More


20 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2020

| Healthy Living | No Comments

As we settle deeper into the New Year, a lot of us will evaluate whether we’ve been keeping to all the promises we made to ourselves during the ‘new year, new me’ phase. These include health goals and to make things easier, we’ve broken down the steps to staying healthy in 2020 into these simple and actionable steps. 1. Eat Breakfast. Beginning each morning with a healthy breakfast that includes … Read More

Coronavirus – Here’s What You Need to Know

Coronavirus – Here’s What You Need to Know

| Healthy Living | No Comments

Recently, a previously unknown virus, the coronavirus has been reported to be causing severe lung disease in China. It has also been detected in France, Canada, Japan South Korea, United States, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. As at the time of publishing this article, at least 362 people have died and more than 17,000 have been infected in China while there’s been more than 180 cases in 25 countries … Read More

Avon HMO Rewards Infants and Parents in Photo Contest

Avon HMO Rewards Infants And Parents In Photo Contest

| Uncategorized | No Comments

The mental, social, emotional and cognitive development of infants depends on a loving bond with their primary caregiver, usually parents. This is supported by increasing evidence from various studies that point to neglect, parental inconsistency and a lack of love as factors that can lead to long-term mental health problems as well as to reduced overall potential and happiness. This is why leading health maintenance organisation, Avon HMO is demonstrating … Read More