Malaria Prevention: 5 Natural Mosquito Repellents You Can Use

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malaria prevention

Other than being vicious little suckers that love nothing more than to make our nights miserable, mosquitoes also make us sick. This is why malaria prevention is important but the only way to make this happen is to keep mosquitoes at bay.

However, to prevent mosquito bites, it’s important to note that mosquitoes are drawn to different things that make some people out as more attractive prey when compared to others. People are usually prone to mosquito bites due to a combination of scent, light, heat, and humidity.

It’s easy to suggest insecticides and other chemical repellents at this point but people are generally trying to reduce chemical contact as much as possible because of their potential to cause health and environmental problems. This is where natural repellents and essential oils come in and they’re especially useful when you have children around or you like being outdoors.

Here are five natural repellents that can help you get the job done:

1. Lavender

Crushed lavender flowers produce a fragrance and oil that can repel mosquitoes. An animal study on hairless mice found lavender oil to be effective at repelling adult mosquitoes. Lavender has analgesic, antifungal, and antiseptic qualities. This means that in addition to preventing mosquito bites, it can calm and soothe the skin.

2. Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon is more than just a great topper to applesauce or oatmeal. According to a study conducted in Taiwan, cinnamon oil can kill off mosquito eggs. It can also act as a repellent against adult mosquitoes.

3. Lemon eucalyptus oil

Used since the 1940s, lemon eucalyptus oil is one of the more well-known natural repellents. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States approved eucalyptus oil as an effective ingredient in mosquito repellent.

A recent study showed that a mixture of 32 percent lemon eucalyptus oil provided more than 95 percent protection against mosquitoes for three hours.

4. Thyme oil

When it comes to repelling malarial mosquitoes, thyme oil is one of the best at providing protection. Research shows that burning thyme leaves offers 85 percent protection for 60 to 90 minutes.

5. Neem oil

Although neem oil is advertised as a natural alternative, there are mixed results about its effectiveness. A recent study about the effectiveness of neem oil in Ethiopia found that it offered more than 70 percent protection for three hours.


Essential oils should never be put on the skin directly. They are always diluted in a carrier oil such as almond oil. The recipe is usually 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil.


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