Quality sleep

How much of a priority is quality sleep to you?

It’s been a long day at work, but guess what could be worse? Tomorrow is an even longer day – because you weren’t able to get a good night’s sleep. Consistent good quality sleep is needed every night to keep our minds alert and our bodies healthy. Here are some of our tips for getting quality sleep.

1. Eat Light, Sleep Smooth

Eat light food in the evening and aim to have your last meal as early as possible, keeping a gap of at least 3 hours between eating and bedtime. Lying down with a full belly not only makes you uncomfortable, as the digestive system slows down during slumber but can also lead to heartburn.

2. Go Easy On The Booze & Sodas

Caffeine postpones the effects of the sleep-inducing hormones and while alcohol may induce drowsiness, it interferes with deep REM sleep. Try avoiding them when it’s close to bedtime to ensure you get quality sleep.

3. Stay as Cool as A Cucumber

As you prepare to sleep, make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. It’s hard to fall and stay asleep when it’s hot. If you don’t have an AC, cool down before bed by having a lukewarm bath or shower, placing a frozen water bottle in front of a fan, or keeping a glass of ice-cold water by your bed to sip on or press to your forehead.

4. Read A Bedtime Story

Some of us need to be “busy” in order to fall asleep. However, going online or watching TV may be counterproductive. Why? The “blue light” emitted from smartphones, computers and TV screens can negatively affect sleep. Our tip? Shut down these devices 2 to 3 hours before bedtime and try reading instead. This routine will help get your body and mind ready for snoozing.

5. Get Some Sun
Sunlight helps wake you up in the morning and it can help to regulate your sleeping patterns. Some doctors even recommend it for babies when they can’t get to sleep at night.
Remember, lack of sleep may also weaken the immune system, and disrupt your mood and even appetite, leading to crankiness, low concentration, poor decision making and even overeating.
Quality sleep helps!

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