Detty December Weight

During the holidays, all good intentions of trying to eat healthily or stay fit often go out the window because there is a feast everywhere you turn. From parties to concerts and family hangouts, you’re never short of activities that ensure you keep eating and drinking. This is a fine recipe for Detty December weight gain.

A distinction must be made here. Most people don’t gain more than two kilos over the holidays. In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that the average holiday weight gain was .37kg. The real challenge is that weight gained over the festive season isn’t lost during the rest of the year and continues to add up. To help you out, we’ve put together five things you can do to take the holiday weight off.

African American Woman Skipping
Skipping is an underrated fitness activity… try it sometime soon!

1. Avoid sugar

Commit to avoiding all the sweet stuff – soda, desserts, etc., for four to ten days. It won’t be easy but doing so will cause any cravings that your body has begun to experience to dissipate. As your cravings decrease, your body will begin to prefer naturally sweet foods, including fruit and vegetables.

2. Try eating less

Our stomachs expand over time to accommodate what we put in, which is what often happens when Detty December rolls around. If you eat less, your stomach will shrink to feel fuller on smaller amounts of food over time, making you eat fewer calories. While eating at home or at a restaurant, take 1/3 off your plate or reduce the temptation to finish your entire plate.

3. Consume more protein

Proteins prolong the feeling of fullness because they are difficult to digest and are less likely to lead to an insulin spike. So, instead of carbohydrates, having a high-protein breakfast or lunch is likelier to make you less hungry.

4. Slow down on soda, alcohol, and cocktails

Why? They’re heavy on calories. When you’re thirsty, try low-calorie drinks, like tea, sparkling water, or a glass of fruit-infused cold water.

5. Top it off with exercise

While doing all the above, ensure you exercise daily. You can resume your normal gym routine if you have a membership, or join a nearby gym. Better still, just ensure you engage in some physical activity every day.


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