Every Naija mum can relate to the following actions;

1. When someone tells you, ‘you’ve put on weight oh’

That random craving for pounded yam and a donut today, hmmnn…

2. When the doctor tells you ‘you’re pregnant’ but you thought you got your family planning covered

2Eh what are you saying? I just got back from honeymoon

3. You’ve told your mother in-law you’re pregnant

3You’re now welcome to the family

4. Who said there aren’t any perks to having belle

Inline image 1Sweet life! Eating everything I want, zero guilt

5.You realize how much you’re going to spend on this new individual


6.But when you finally eat, the food tastes like medicine…


No one will ruin this mood

7. It’s the end of your antenatal session…until next time


Please don’t leave me


When it hits you that you’re about to leave the hospital with your new born baby


How am I going to do this??


9. You’re on the verge of falling asleep when you hear the cries of your precious child


My very own human alarm clock

10. When Avon HMO has been with you throughout your pregnancy and post-natal period


Oshey, everything covered



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