"AVON is really good and their response time is super fast." - Gabriel Chiogor (TEF)

AVON is really good. Had an accident and was operated on. Their response was super fast. Thanks to them, I can walk well without crutches because they also handled my physiotherapy. ...Read More

"The approval process from Avon HMO is always timely and without stress." - Olayemi Kayode (Standard Chartered)

I was in the hospital with my wife last month when she was slated for an emergency surgery. The approval process from your call centre was timely and without stress to me. I am now an ambassador for your HMO in my office and I assure you that at the end of the year most of my colleagues will switch ...Read More

Avon HMO Provider - Peter Obada

"Avon's customer-centric attitude is inspiring." - Peter Obada

My son required medical care so off we went to our registered Provider. Unbeknownst to me, my Provider didn’t have a dedicated paediatric arm and it soon became apparent that we would need to be referred to a children’s hospital. Not sure how to proceed and not knowing where the nearest was, I c ...Read More

Avon HMO - Funke Aloyinlapa

"My HMO cares and I will tell anyone who asks." - Funke Aloyinlapa

When my family and I first subscribed to our Avon HMO health plan, we were optimistic though cautious. I had heard several reports of how HMOs would take your money and not provide the service that was promised. We hoped that Avon HMO would be different – responsive, empathic and would live up to ...Read More

"It pays to have an HMO that is empathetic and responsive. I’m pleased I chose Avon." - Ihuoma Fortune Nwabueze

I have always been enrolled on Health Insurance schemes as it is part of my employment package. I never really bothered about the type of services HMOs provide as I never really had any serious medical needs. This time it was different as I was expecting my first baby and I need all the best care ...Read More

"Nothing beats the peace of mind my international health plan affords my family and I." - Adekunle Adebiyi

I’ve been married for 9 years and with two young daughters. My wife and I travel internationally for work and because of our children, we find ourselves in the clinic or hospital more often than we like seeking medical care for one minor ailment or another. When it came to looking for the right ...Read More

"Avon HMO's services have been very impeccable considering our frequent medical needs." - Devyani International (KFC)

KFC write to inform concerned party that Avon Health Care Limited is our appointed Health Management Organization currently saddled with the bulk of our employees and their families’ health management needs. Since their inauguration as our HMO, we are proud to say that their services has been v ...Read More