Win fantastic prizes in the #AvonChristmasGift promo

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win fantastic prizes

Got a Christmas wish? Make it come true with #AvonChristmasGift 

Win fantastic prizes in the #AvonChristmasGift promo 

Everyone has a wish. For some, it can be getting that PlayStation 5 console they’ve been eyeing for months. For others, it could be a bag of rice or enough money to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones the way they want. So, what if we told you that your deepest wish this Christmas can come true without Santa showing up at your doorstep? 

Or what if we show up as Santa instead? 

This is what we are set to do for you this Christmas! As our way of helping Nigerians celebrate the holidays on a more cheerful note, we will be granting the wishes of 10 special families between 16th â€“ 25th December in our #AvonChristmasGift campaign. 

2020 has been a difficult year and everyone has had to deal with the physical, mental, and economic impact for months. As an organisation that is passionate about mental health, we want to cheer people up this season and get them in high spirits for the New Year by granting as many heartfelt wishes as we can in our #AvonChristmasGift campaign. 

All you need to do is make a wish! 

How to participate 

Step 1: Post a video of yourself telling us what you want for Christmas and why 

Step 2: Use #AvonChristmasGift in your caption, tag your loved ones and encourage them to follow @avonhmo 

Step 3: Your video must be creative, and your wish must be compelling enough to catch our attention. 

Finally, include your Avon member ID to increase your chances of winning. 

Sounds interesting, right? If yes, what are you waiting for? Seize this amazing opportunity to make your Christmas full of merriment and cheer by following us @avonhmo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and uploading your video. 

It all starts with a wish. 

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