The Best And Worst Ways To Cook Your Meat and Vegetables

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Cooking is fun;it’s a thing of wonder to be able to toss various foods and spice combinations into a pot and come out with something that tastes awesome. Unfortunately, many of the cooking methods we use can release some harmful compounds into our bodies or strip the nutrients off our food

For instance,several studies found that the way meat is cooked can impact your cancer risk.In one study, participants who preferred well-done red meat were 8.8 times more likely to develop colorectal cancer than those who preferred their red meat rare.

So which cooking methods can positively and negatively affect our meat and vegetables? We’ve made a list of them below for you to note:

Worst ways to cook meat:

  • Grilling, especially over an open flame
  • Deep-frying
  • Pan-frying
  • Smoking
  • Broiling
  • Searing
  • Blackening

The Worst Ways to Cook Vegetables

  • Frying
  • Deep-frying
  • Oven-roasting until brown at the edges
  • Grilling over an open flame

Of course, this doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy a nice barbecue every now and then. The idea is to simply limit the amount of food we eat that is overcooked to create harmful compounds, and to avoid overcooking veggies to the point of damaging many of their nutrients.

The Best Ways to Cook Meat

  • Steaming
  • Poaching
  • Boiling
  • Braising
  • Pressure Cooking
  • Cooking low and slow

The Best Ways to Cook Veggies

Again, lightly cooking your veggies with water instead of fat and high heat is your best bet.These methods include:

  • Steaming
  • Boiling
  • Lightly baking, covered, with water
  • Pressure cooking

Some Foods Are Best Left Uncooked

Major nutrient Vitamin C is extremely sensitive to heat. In fact, the longer a vegetable or fruit is exposed to heat or light, the greater the loss of Vitamin C (12). If you’re looking to get Vitamin C out of your food, it may be best to limit cooking high-Vitamin C foods.

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