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Peter Obada

Avon HMO Provider - Peter Obada

My son required medical care so off we went to our registered Provider. Unbeknownst to me, my Provider didn’t have a dedicated paediatric arm and it soon became apparent that we would need to be referred to a children’s hospital. Not sure how to proceed and not knowing where the nearest was, I called my HMO to explain the situation.

Avon HMO were extremely understanding and immediately knew what to do. The Call Centre Agent promised to send me a list of Paediatric hospitals that were close to my current location as soon as possible. Now, when companies say they will get back to you, I don’t hold my breath; more often than not, you will expect to wait for a while. This was not the case here; I received the list of hospitals within the guaranteed time frame and my family was able to receive the care needed shortly thereafter.

I have had the opportunity to interact with many organisations. So with this experience, I am able to recognise good and poor customer service. What most impressed me was Avon’s level of commitment. They were resourceful and the Agent anticipated and met my needs in record time.

With such an inspiring customer-centric attitude, I know that in the future, Avon HMO will come through for me. No stories.

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