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Funke Aloyinlapa

Avon HMO - Funke Aloyinlapa

When my family and I first subscribed to our Avon HMO health plan, we were optimistic though cautious. I had heard several reports of how HMOs would take your money and not provide the service that was promised. We hoped that Avon HMO would be different – responsive, empathic and would live up to our expectations. Fortunately, my HMO has been everything and more; something that was perfectly highlighted during a recent experience.

My son has a few health challenges which require us to see a Pediatrician quite regularly. We recently relocated so we changed our health provider accordingly. On this occasion, which was a Thursday, my son needed urgent attention so we went to the new hospital to see the doctor. Upon arrival, we were placed on admission but their Paediatrician was not available; the hospital’s explanation -”the Pediatrician  is here once a week”. To say I was disappointed is an understatement especially as it affected my son who required an assessment and advice from a Pediatrician. If it were me who needed medical care, I would have managed however this was my son, and to be told ‘we will have to wait till next week to see the required specialist’ was not good enough!

I called Avon and told them what had transpired. They agreed that waiting a week was too long and stepped in. They handled everything from there. We were referred to our former hospital and not only was this arranged this with short notice, they also monitored the situation to ensure that the Paediatrician attended to my son. Even after the treatment, Avon HMO called to enquire about my son’s health and to ask if we were satisfied with the care received. They saw everything through to the end – they continued to liaise with the hospital, arranged the necessary paperwork and, to my surprise, when we went to pay the bill (which I thought would be necessary as it was not my registered hospital), we were told that Avon would cover the cost.

Words cannot explain how this made me feel. I felt that Avon HMO was on my side, working to make sure that we were well looked after and satisfied. They don’t just take your money and give you excuses when it is time to access care. They deliver on their promises, they are prompt and they truly care. I am extremely happy with Avon HMO and I will gladly tell anyone who asks.

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