Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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When it comes to improving our ability to be disease-proof, drugs and vaccination is often the first thing we think of. However, there other everyday activities you can engage in to boost your immune system and become a bit more invulnerable to pesky infections.

Here are a few of them:

– Relax

A little stress can be good for you because it heightens your senses and keeps you on your toes for certain challenges. However, continuous stress without any form of relief can be harmful. Some studies show that stress can weaken your body’s immune system. Don’t unnecessarily stress yourself and make out time to chill as well, this can help boost your immune system

– Get ‘Busy’

Apparently, sex doesn’t just release endorphins in the brain. One research found a link between a healthy immune system and how often you get busy.

– Positive Vibes Only

Thinking good thoughts isn’t just good for your mental wellbeing but your body’s defences too as positive thoughts can boost immunity. So think on the bright side and savour the things you enjoy. This can be tough, especially during hard times but try not to dwell too much on the bad stuff.

– Laugh Out Loud (LOL!)

You can never go wrong with laughter. It just makes you and those around you feel good. A study found that people’s immune systems worked better after they laughed out loud at funny videos.

– Fruits of many colours

Antioxidants guard against free radicals – molecules – that can harm your cells. Fortunately, antioxidants abound in colourful fruits and vegetables so they’re an enjoyable way to boost your immune system. You’re free to explore and enjoy from a wide range: oranges, green peppers, carrots, watermelon, pawpaw, leafy greens, and so on.

– Exercise

Quite a simple way to rev up your defence system, it can also ease stress and make you less likely to get osteoporosis, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. 30 minutes a day should do the trick and it doesn’t even have to be hard-core; just ensure you break a sweat. Walking, cycling, swimming, playing sports or even doing yoga will do the job.

– Get adequate shuteye

Your immune system requires strength if it is to successfully fight off illness and a good night’s sleep to achieve that. Most adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. You need to stick to a regular bedtime schedule to get better sleep. Staying active during the day, avoiding caffeine and booze near bedtime, will also help you sleep well.


Not exhaustive as usual but you don’t need an entire book of tips before swinging into action. To boost immunity, these five tips should get you on your way to living healthier and enjoying life to the full.


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