Vanguard | Health Insurance Crucial To Wellbeing Of Ordinary Africans

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Mrs. Adesimbo Ukiri, CEO of Avon Healthcare, a Health Management Organisation, HMO, has said that health insurance is crucial to ensure ordinary Africans have access to, and the ability to pay for, effective healthcare goods and services

Ukiri said that the industry must consolidate efforts with public and private partners to drive better access to healthcare.

Ukiri made this statement at the 9th Annual U.S. Africa Business Summit, which was organised by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), an America-based non-profit organisation established to promote business and investment between the United States and Africa.

According to her, with more long-term investment, the growing healthcare sector in Nigeria and other parts of Africa has the potential to develop rapidly and yield excellent returns.

She expressed confidence in the prospects for healthcare financing on the African continent. She said, “Several financing and investment opportunities exist in hospital chains throughout sub-Saharan Africa that focus on primary care, maternal and infant health and the management of chronic (non-communicable) diseases, as well as general surgery.”

Other areas for investment, according to Ukiri, include stand-alone diagnostic centres, pharmaceuticals manufacturing and health insurance institutions.

She stated that key success factors that needed to be addressed to ensure sustained viability of investments on the delivery side of healthcare include: government support, by way of policies and regulations to facilitate universal health coverage through mandatory health insurance; robust standardisation and accreditation regimes across national healthcare facilities to stimulate higher quality treatment and better clinical outcomes; and a commitment to the development, training and retention of local healthcare professionals.

Ukiri added that the ability to achieve scale was crucial to optimising any of these opportunities that the continent presented.

Avon HMO, with a network of more than 300 hospitals spread across the country, is a member of the Heirs Holding Group, a conglomerate of companies chaired by African business leader and philanthropist, Mr. Tony Elumelu.

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