Guardian| Avon subscribers laud HMO’s speedy resolution of complaints

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Subscribers of Avon Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO), have lauded the proactive and responsive way it resolves complaints made to its customer service facility within record time.

In a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out by the organisation, the results, together with customer testimonials, showed how Avon HMO’s dedication to customer care has resonated with their members and helped develop long-lasting, positive relationships.

Commenting on the survey, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Director, Adesimbo Ukiri, said that the positive testimonies given by their subscribers stem from their resolution as a HMO to put their customers at the forefront of their operation.

According to her, “Our members are at the centre of all we do. Our promise has always been one of responsiveness; when our members contact us, it is often at a time of need. We know that a quick response is wanted so we set ourselves a target of five minutes for complaint resolution. I am pleased that 95 per cent of concerns are addressed and resolved within this time.

“HMO has been able to achieve this through the adoption of a wholly customer-centric approach. This included a continuous process of logging, reviewing and understanding the types of queries received. Once it was clear what the common issues were, Avon HMO put themselves in the shoes of their members to develop a complaints resolution procedure that would specifically address each query.

“Supported by the expansion of our customer service department, these efforts paid off as there was not only a reduction in turnaround time but also a notable change in the way members’ concerns were resolved and the feedback received. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that each concern received was resolved to a close out.”

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