Preparing For Fatherhood – 7 Tips For First-Time (and maybe other) Dads

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Preparing For Fatherhood - 7 Tips For First-Time (and maybe other) Dads

“Congrats, you’re going to be a dad!”

Whether this announcement initially terrifies or excites you, finding out you’re going to be a father is a life-defining moment. Here are 7 tips to prepare you for this amazing and challenging journey of fatherhood.

1. Do some research

You may not be the one who is physically carrying the baby, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a part of the pregnancy and birth experience. There are ways to feel involved.

2. Start playing as a team

Speaking of being on the same page, now is the time to start thinking of yourselves as a team. You, your partner, and baby are linked for life, even if your romantic relationship with your co-parent doesn’t continue.

3. Decide on the father you want to be

Not everyone has a great relationship with their own father. If you’re lucky enough to have a great dad of your own, you may want to be just like him — and that’s wonderful. If not, you must be conscious about doing better.

4. Find fellow dads

It’s great to find some other fathers familiar with the challenges of parenthood. This gives you an outlet and a place to ask questions, vent, or commiserate about the experience of becoming a dad.

5. Go to prenatal appointments with your partner

Prenatal appointments are a great way to get excited about the pregnancy. Seeing your baby-to-be on ultrasound can be exciting, but even the other routine checks can help you to connect with the pregnancy.

6. Acknowledge your sex life may change

Becoming a parent can impact your sex life. From the first moment you learn your partner is pregnant, you might feel a range of emotions — intensely connected to them and craving the intimacy of sex.

7. Advocate for your partner

Not just in family situations. This may mean speaking up to ask questions at appointments or during labour. This could mean doing what you can to support them in their decision to return to work — or to stay at home.

Fatherhood is about being in it for the long haul. Your presence in their life is a gift you give them — and yourself — every day.

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