Overeating – How To Prevent It When Working From Home

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Overeating - How To Prevent It When Working From Home

Everyone who has had to work from home during this pandemic has had to deal with one major issue – weight gain. This is largely due to unrestricted access to food.

Here are five strategies you can apply to avoid it.

1. Rethink what you drink

Keep a water bottle or cup next to you, and sip on it throughout the day. Avoid sugary drinks as excess sugar can weaken immunity and upset your natural appetite regulation.

2. Develop a set eating schedule

Settling into a consistent eating routine will help regulate blood sugar, insulin levels, hunger hormones, mental and physical energy, digestive health, and even your sleep cycle.

3. Make sure your meals are nutritionally balanced

Think strategically about the components of your meals. In every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, include some type of produce, along with lean protein and good fat as the foundation.

4. Know the difference between physical and emotional hunger

When you’re stressed, it can be difficult to tell if you’re truly hungry—meaning your body needs nourishment—or if your mind is attracted to food as a consolation.

5. Spoil yourself (sensibly)

It’s not realistic to avoid sweet goodies completely and it’s also not necessary. Enjoy your favourite treats but indulge mindfully rather than spontaneously.


This isn’t at all about restriction; it’s about balance.  Eat purposefully, savour every bite, and move on with your day.

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