How to Stay Healthy During Ramadan

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Although Ramadan should be primarily about a Muslim’s spiritual growth, we also think that it’s important to consider the health implications and benefits as well. Ramadan offers an opportunity for people to reconsider their food and lifestyle choices even as there are changes to mealtimes and sleeping habits.

While we’ve shared a few tips on the topic earlier on, we believe that some additional snippets will be beneficial as the season ends in a few days.

Don’t rush

This isn’t just about when you’re eating but about most other activities. It’s not easy to wake up before dawn to eat and pray before the start of the fasting day before going back to bed. The rushed food consumption can give rise to abdominal pains so try to finish eating about an hour before you return to sleep to allow the body plenty of time for digestion.

Rest is a priority

You’ll be weaker than you would when you eat more regularly and this would be even worse if you don’t get enough rest/sleep. Try to retire for the day as soon as you’ve completed the evening prayer to make up for the nap time lost from earlier in the day when you had to wake up to eat before dawn.

Keep yourself engaged

Hunger can be a huge distraction and when fasting, the effects can be quite mind-numbing. The body will also experience an increased level of ghrelin – the hunger hormone. Keeping yourself occupied throughout the day is a great way to forget about food before the next chow time.

You can still keep fit

There’s less energy due to less food and low water consumption can also lead to dehydration so keeping fit can be a challenge. However, you can pick a time during the day when you still have sufficient energy, such as dawn or evening when the weather’s cooler and the effects of dehydration won’t be too keenly felt. Light exercise such as a slow walk just before breaking the fast can also help.

Make healthier eating choices

What you eat is just as important as when you eat. Even as you maintain a balanced diet, ensure that you have a lot of variety. In addition, drink plenty of water and refrain from caffeine which can cause you to be dehydrated quicker.


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