Foggy lenses: How to keep your glasses clear when wearing a mask

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Foggy lenses

Wearing a mask is a must-do these days but for people who wear glasses, there’s a problem: foggy lenses.

When you wear a mask with glasses, breathing can let air escape through the gaps & cause your lenses to fog, thus obstructing your vision.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use a mask with a nose bridge.

If your mask fits loosely over your nose, your breath is certain to escape up to your glasses. Masks with nose bridges solve the problem as they help prevent your breath from hitting your glasses, thus preventing foggy lenses. They’re also more comfortable.

2. Put your glasses over your mask.

A simple hack: just pull up your mask so the top sits higher on your nose and wear your glasses on top of the material. Any escaping breath should miss your glasses.

3. Put a tissue on the inside of the mask

If you tape a folded tissue under your mask at the bridge of your nose, it may absorb escaping moisture.

4. Use soap and water

If you don’t have a special coating on your glasses, you could try washing them in soapy water and then letting them air dry or very gently drying them. The idea is that the soap leaves behind a film that prevents glasses from fogging.

5. Create air circulation

Glasses that sit too close to your face trap heat and moisture near your lenses. To improve air circulation around your glasses, push them further down your nose.

6. Use anti-fog products

Lens cleaning wipes or sprays usually have anti-fog coating properties that will prevent condensation on your lenses when your breath hits them. To find these, check out any major pharmacy or supermarket near you.

With these tips, you can surely enjoy clear vision and keep your mask on at the same time.

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