Below the Belt: Undescended Testes

Avon - Undescended testes

Such joy it brings when a child is born! All children are a blessing however we cannot deny the patriarchal value our society places on male children. Fathers understandably want the family name to live on for another generation, but this may not be possible if the young son is himself unable to have children. Reproductive health is a topic we are uncomfortable discussing and is certainly the last thing … Read More

The Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health

When it comes to reproductive health, women are more associated with the issue than men. It is quite understandable considering mothers are the ‘face‘ of parenthood, but we shouldn’t forget that men also play an important role. It takes two to tango, after all. So, what do we mean by reproductive health? It encompasses much more than fertility and conception. According to the World Health Organisation, reproductive health focuses on … Read More