5 embarrassing men’s health questions answered.

embarrassing men’s health questions

Many men don’t bother to visit their doctor until they are faced with an acute health problem. To them, preventive health is meaningless until something noticeable on their body breaks, like their nose, or when an important organ fails to function properly. Even at that, they are not always willing to ask questions when they have a health concern because they consider it too embarrassing. This isn’t healthy but the … Read More

False-positives: how your home pregnancy test can trick you.

home pregnancy test

One of the most frustrating things for a woman who is actively trying to get pregnant is feeling pregnancy symptoms, using a home pregnancy test kit to confirm and getting a positive result, only to find out later that it is false. This also applies to women who are actively trying not to get pregnant. Imagine the feeling of panic that precedes a doctor’s appointment, only to eventually learn that … Read More

Getting a pap smear: Nigerian women share their experiences

Getting a pap smear: Nigerian women share their experiences

If you’ve ever wondered what a pap smear is about, how it’s done and what to expect, you’re in luck. We got a few Nigerian women living in and out of the country to share their experiences and they had interesting things to say. Read and learn, perhaps, you’ll be motivated to get your test done after you hear from them. How did you learn about the Pap Smear and … Read More

Six infections that can affect your baby during pregnancy.

Six dangerous infections that may affect your baby during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, every infection around suddenly becomes ten times more dangerous due to the fact that you’re more vulnerable than you’d have been if you didn’t have a baby growing within you.

Cervical Cancer: 10 Myths And Facts You Should Know


Cervical cancer occurs in the cervix and is usually caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection. There are many myths causing confusion for women so here’s what you need to know. Myth 1: Cervical cancer is untreatable Fact: Early detection contributes to effective treatment. Myth 2: HPV is not common, and it only affects people who have multiple partners. As a result, I should not worry about getting … Read More

3 Sexual Health Issues To Shed Light On This September

3 Sexual Health Issues To Shed Light On This September

It’s Sexual Health Month! September is the perfect time to raise awareness and create a conversation about how to maintain exceptional sexual health. Here are a few of the most common sexual health issues in both men and women, along with what you can do to treat and prevent them. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Practicing safe sex is a major component of sexual health; using condoms and other forms of … Read More

3 Steps Toward Better Sexual Health This September

health goals in 2022

In honor of Sexual Health Day, taking place on September 4th, we’re here to encourage everyone to be an advocate for their own sexual health all month long and beyond. Proper sexual health can be beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are three simple steps you can take toward bettering your sexual health in the long-run. Regular visits to your doctor Many people put off checking in … Read More

Can Arousal Occur During Rape? A Medical Perspective

Can Arousal Occur During Rape? A Medical Perspective

Some people go, “How can you say she was raped when she didn’t struggle? It means she enjoyed it.” This is a wrong notion. According to research, of those who report their rape, around 5% also describe experiencing arousal/orgasm. This doesn’t mean they weren’t sexually assaulted. Contrary to popular belief, rape is not always violent. Some survivors surrender to protect themselves or their loved ones. Some are intoxicated, drugged, physically … Read More

Let’s Talk About Male Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health

It’s weird how we rarely talk about issues regarding male sexual health when men account for a whopping 40 – 50% of infertility cases. We think more men should take their bodies more seriously so below are 5 common male sexual health issues. We understand the difficulty for men though. Discussing sexual health issues might be an uphill task because any indication of a challenge in this regard is usually considered … Read More

Cervical Cancer: What Nigerian Women Need To Know


Cervical cancer is easy to contract and spread but with the right information, you can also prevent it and ensure that even your loved ones are protected.