7 Myths And Facts About Health Insurance In Nigeria

Health insurance is an important financial scheme that helps protect a person’s finances in the event of illnesses. However, Nigeria’s dearth of education about the subject has led to the perpetuation of myths and misconceptions about it, which is a major reason why a large number of people still don’t have one. The aim of this article is to dispel the many myths surrounding the concept of health insurance by … Read More

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How To Stop The Deadliest Killer On Earth

Is it a man? Is it a wild beast? No, it’s a… mosquito. As unbelievable as it might sound, this tiny creature reigns supreme as the most dangerous animal in existence; responsible for causing malaria and millions of deaths globally. Currently, Nigeria accounts for the highest percentage of malaria cases and deaths (25%)in the world. Pregnant women and children under 5 are very vulnerable as it is a major cause … Read More

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Adesimbo Ukiri To Speak At Tech Cabal’s Town Hall On Health-tech

Adesimbo Ukiri To Speak At Tech Cabal’s TC Town hall

The CEO of Avon Healthcare Limited, Adesimbo Bello-Ukiri has been billed to speak on a panel at Tech Cabal’s TC Town hall: The State of Health-tech in Nigeria. The event was organised to assemble some of the leading healthcare innovators,investors and policymakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector, as well as make recommendations that policymakers can implement to support the rapid growth of the sector. The Nigeria … Read More

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5 Years of Spreading Luck – Everyone Needs a Little Help

Spreading Luck

In business, the role luck plays in success and personal achievement is rarely discussed. If luck is mentioned, it is done with slight condescension, and usually dismissed as a product of hard work, not deserving significant attention. While hard work is paramount – and I have written extensively about the importance of working hard – history and my own experiences show that there is often a large element of success … Read More

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