For Dads: 5 Tips for Expecting Fathers

expecting fathers

Expecting fathers? It sounds weird but it’s not. When a woman is pregnant, men shouldn’t just say “But I’ve played my part, am I not done?” Far from it – you’re just getting started. It’s time to ‘step up’ the support you are giving your partner and you can start by adopting the ‘we are pregnant’ approach. Many men, especially first-timers, find the pregnancy exciting yet bewildering and even a … Read More

Got Milk? 5 Breastfeeding Benefits Every Mother Needs to Know

breastfeeding benefits

For something so natural and beneficial, it’s hard to believe that less than 40% of infants below six months of age are exclusively breastfed globally. This, according to the World Health Organisation is a trend that needs to change, especially when one of the major breastfeeding benefits is the capability of preventing 800,000 infant deaths every year. Breastfeeding remains the best source of nourishment for infants and the benefits not only accrue to … Read More

How to Prevent Iron Deficiency During Pregnancy

iron deficiency

Do you know that some pregnant women chew weird stuff like ice, chalk, clay and even sand? This sounds strange but it is due to a condition called ‘Pica’ which is sometimes attributed to iron deficiency anaemia. When you think about all the weird cravings some pregnant women have, this begins to make sense. There are various kinds of anemia but iron deficiency anemia is the most common. When a … Read More

When is The Right Time to Have a Baby

Career, life goals, holiday plans etc. is there ever a right time to have a baby? Children have always been considered a blessing. In Nigeria, where the average family size is 6 people, the question of ‘When you go born pikin?’ is never too far from the discussion. If you are planning to have a baby, it is important you consider as many factors as possible before making the big … Read More

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Advice for Parents

Infant Death Syndrome

There are some life events that tug at the heartstrings of even the most stoic. The birth of a new baby and the possibility of new beginnings is celebrated all over the world. Sadly, not all babies live to realize their promise. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) occurs when a baby, 12 months or younger, suddenly dies during sleep with no warning signs or explanation. For many years, little or … Read More

Below the Belt: Undescended Testes

Avon - Undescended testes

Such joy it brings when a child is born! All children are a blessing however we cannot deny the patriarchal value our society places on male children. Fathers understandably want the family name to live on for another generation, but this may not be possible if the young son is himself unable to have children. Reproductive health is a topic we are uncomfortable discussing and is certainly the last thing … Read More

Breastfeeding: The Benefits Extend Well Beyond Nutrition


If every child was breastfed within an hour of birth, given only breast milk for their first six months of life, and continued breast feeding up to the age of two years, an estimated 500,000 child lives would be saved in Nigeria every year. Nigeria has the 10th highest infant mortality rate so every effort must be made to reduce this. Based on the number of lives breastfeeding can save, … Read More

8 Embarrassing Pregnancy Questions Answered

Pregnancy Questions

If you are carrying around another human being, you deserve the freedom please ask embarrassing pregnancy questions. Ask your doctors, friends and anyone else who cares to listen without a hint of shame. With all the changes your body is going through, hormonal or otherwise, it sometimes feels like it’s taken on a mind of its own. Understanding what’s going on at every stage of your pregnancy is what will … Read More