How to Care for Preterm Babies: 7 Tips for Parents

Preterm Babies

Preterm babies will likely need special care from when you bring them home from the hospital and during their first two years. Here are some tips for parents.

Preventing Infections During Pregnancy: What you need to do…

Preventing Infections During Pregnancy: What you need to do...

The pregnancy stage is a vulnerable period for mothers because a lot of changes in their bodies make them susceptible to various infections. Sometimes these infections pose a threat not just to the mom but to the baby as well and it is important to be more conscious of protecting yourself.

Six dangerous infections that may affect your baby during pregnancy

Six dangerous infections that may affect your baby during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, every infection around suddenly becomes ten times more dangerous due to the fact that you’re more vulnerable than you’d have been if you didn’t have a baby growing within you.

10 Common Questions About Pregnancy Answered

10 Common Questions About Pregnancy Answered

Many pregnant women have a lot of questions for their obstetrician-gynaecologists, especially if it’s their first. A significant change is happening in a woman’s body during this special period in her life. It’s no wonder they have so many questions.  Women want to know what’s safe for their future baby, and themselves. They strive to understand in what ways their lives can continue as normal, and what aspects need to be … Read More

Eating For Two: How Can Mothers know The Right Diet For Babies?

Eating For Two: How Can Mothers know The Right Diet For Babies?

For new mothers – and women in pregnancy, there’s usually a niggling question on what’s the right diet for their babies to feed on besides breastmilk. Those who are pregnant wonder if ‘eating for two’ is really a thing. We had a radio show recently where we explored this question in detail and we’re sure someone out there will find it useful. Happy reading. Do babies have dietary needs while … Read More

Breastfeeding: Common Questions New Moms Ask (Part1)

Breastfeeding: Common Questions New Moms Ask (Part 1)

There are lots of embarrassing questions about breastfeeding: Does breast size matter? Can you still nurse your baby if you have bleeding nipples? And so on… Here are 20 common breastfeeding questions and answers. 1. Do smaller breasts produce less milk? Most women are capable of producing enough milk for their babies, no matter what size their breasts are. 2. Why do some women produce more milk than others? Breasts … Read More

Dos and Don’ts Of Breast Milk Storage

Dos and Don'ts Of Breast Milk Storage

For nursing mothers who work, exclusive breastfeeding can be difficult. This is why pumping &storing breast milk for use at a later time is a good idea. However, there are dos & don’ts for breast milk storage so please read this article to find out. 1. What kind of container should you use to store expressed breast milk? Before expressing or handling breast milk, wash your hands with soap and … Read More

What Cereals Are Safe For Babies?


A few days ago, we stumbled on a disturbing question asked by a parent on Twitter. He wanted to know if Golden Morn was okay for a 7-month baby. It was quite shocking and our simple answer was “No” but we believe parents should really know why some cereals aren’t safe for babies. It may sound weird that some cereals are not good for babies but there are different types: … Read More

#AVONBABY2018 – It’s Time For Baby Cuteness Overload!


Babies are simply adorable! Regardless of how you might be feeling, all it takes is a baby’s cackling giggle to put a smile on your face. You’re simply never thesame once you see or hold a baby and if you disagree, we have one legitimatereason to *side-eye* you. Babies are one reason to never doubt a mother’s awesomeness because it takes incredible care, love and dedication to birth and nurture … Read More

Is My Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?

breast milk

While more women know how long to breastfeed their babies, there’s still a bit of confusion among mothers (especially new ones) about when their babies can start trying other meals. Here’s a short thread to help out. So does your baby need more than milk? Yes, but not until he’s six months old. Paediatricians advise that it’s best to exclusively breastfeed your baby for six months. After this, your baby’s … Read More