11 Reactions You Get When You’re Sick in a Recession


Due to the recession in Nigeria, it’s a really bad time to fall sick. Below are 11 reactions you get when you’re sick in a recession; 1. When you go to bed feeling “one kain”. As if malaria is about to strike.   2. The next morning comes, and to get out of the bed… wahala   3. Your sickness shows you some love.   4. You walk into the office … Read More

The Avon HMO Guide to Living a Healthy Life in Naija

It’s great to see more Nigerians join the ‘healthy living’ express. With Kate Henshaw, Osas Ighodaro and others inspiring us to get healthy, the fit fam Army is recruiting more and more civilians to their cause. Outside of this, we do hope this is more just a fad. We hope that it is also the result of growing societal conscientiousness, encouraging us to appreciate and care for our bodies. To … Read More

10 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight

Avon - Losing Weight

1. Losing weight is not a one-off,  you have to stick to it for life   2. You will be frequently asked if you’re okay 3. Over time, the amount of food you eat will reduce   4.  Your energy level sky will rocket   5. Eating chocolate can boost weight loss 6. You will have a sensible excuse to go shopping – your dresses don’t fit anymore   7.  Your … Read More

10 Things Every Naija Mum Can Relate To

Every Naija

Every Naija mum can relate to the following actions; 1. When someone tells you, ‘you’ve put on weight oh’ 2. When the doctor tells you ‘you’re pregnant’ but you thought you got your family planning covered 3. You’ve told your mother in-law you’re pregnant 4. Who said there aren’t any perks to having belle 5.You realize how much you’re going to spend on this new individual 6. It’s that time of … Read More

11 Things that Happen When Malaria Strikes


Below are 11 things that happen when Malaria strikes 1. When the fever wakes you up at night… 2. And your body aches all over…headache, body pains and nothing is comfortable…   3. Even sitting is stress…   4. When you’re hungry and trying to find your appetite…   5. And don’t feel like eating…   6. But when you finally eat, the food tastes like medicine…   7. When … Read More