Due to consistent growth over the years, we at Avon HMO have reached a size and scale that requires the strengthening of strategy execution, executive level collaboration and accountability, as well as a sharpening of overall organisational efficiency. We are searching for a highly qualified Senior Manager to work closely with our CEO and the Executive team to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

The right person, acting as a strategist, consultant and implementer, will ensure successful execution of strategic initiatives, oversee projects/programme management and coordinate seamless communication on priority objectives with and across multiple departments.

He/she will be committed not only to immediate results but also the continued long term success of the company.

The ideal candidate will have proven experience in previous senior business management roles and an ability to act as a credible representative of the Chief Executive Officer when the occasion warrants it.


  • Oversee strategic business initiatives across the company from development through monitoring and tracking to successful execution and ultimately reporting back on final results/outcomes viz-a-viz the initial strategic objectives.
  • Support the CEO and the Executive team in decision-making, program management, and key initiatives implementation.
  • Review, design, and execute on improvements to organizational efficiency, change management and performance management.
  • Streamline alignment amongst all staff on the company’s continuing automation and digitalization journey.


  1. Acts as an adviser to the CEO, assist in facilitating effective decision-making within the company’s senior management team.
  2. Keeps up with industry trends by reading literature, communication with peers and attendance at industry events; on basis of this, is a go-to source for reliable and up to date Industry statistics, data and general information.
  3. Provides actionable periodic strategic intelligence (based on internal and external data analysis, and insights) to the CEO and leadership team to support strategic decisions, shifts, and responses.
  4. Participates in the evolution and is responsible for the articulation of key strategic initiatives across the company;  communicates, drives and tracks these initiatives, reporting progress back to the CEO weekly, monthly or as otherwise needed.
  5. Ensures successful implementation of the key initiatives within agreed timelines, demonstrates dynamism and flexibility in following through and allocating responsibilities across departments and team members, based on resources availability, skill levels and competing priorities.
  6. Displays effective oversight in respect of the company’s crucial projects, sitting in on their meetings on behalf of the CEO and monitoring, trouble shooting and reporting to her on progress (with recommendations for improvement in effectiveness, efficiency and acceleration) on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  7. Partners with functional Teams Leads and HODs, reviewing weekly and monthly reports to identify, evaluate and resolve priority strategic issues as they arise; bringing these to the CEO and EMC attention and institutionalizing agreed  changes to procedures and processes where necessary.
  8. Participate in regular periodic meetings between CEO and HODs as well as meetings with other Team leads and members, keeping record of decisions reached, action points and following through to report back on successful implementation.
  9. Reviews inquiries directed to the CEO, determine the proper course of action and delegate to the appropriate member of staff to handle, recording all, tracking and reporting on resolution.
  10. Acts as a representative of the CEO and carries out other tasks and duties as assigned.


  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or similar field.
  • 7+ years in a senior management or executive management role.
  • Proven experience organizing and directing multiple teams and departments.
  • Excellent & persuasive communicator – written and oral.
  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity.
  • Experience in planning and leading the implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • Strong data analysis and reporting skills.
  • Discretion, display of good judgment.


  • Nimble business mind with a focus on developing creative solutions.
  • Experience in budget management.
  • Consulting experience with a focus on operations management and process improvement.
  • Proven success in a project coordination role.
  • Demonstrated experience using change management methodologies to bring about effective organizational change.


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