Blood Donation: What You Need To Know, Myths & Facts

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Blood Donation: What You Need To Know, Myths & Facts

Ever tried asking a Nigerian to voluntarily donate blood? It’s definitely one of the most awkward things ever, especially due to the ton of misconceptions about stuff like that. Blood is somewhat seen with some sort of reverence in our society so people are pretty conservative and superstitious about it. As a result, it’s easy for people to come up with a lot of stuff when you bring up blood donation, with most of them being untrue.

We believe blood donation is a noble thing to do because we’ve seen how it can help save lives. This is why it’s important to address misconceptions regarding it and we hope that when you’re done with this article, you’ll be willing to donate blood when called upon (and even voluntarily because there’s never enough).

So here are 5 things you really need to know:

1. Donating blood is completely safe

New and sterile equipment is used for each donor when s/he donates blood, so there is no likelihood of infection.

2. You can donate whole blood or its specific components

There are 4 types of components in blood in any one pint: red cells, platelets, plasma and cryoprecipitate. Since patients in general only need a specific component, each pint can save 3 lives.

3. Only type O negative blood can be transfused to everyone.

This type of blood is called the universal donor blood so it can be accepted by everyone with no chances of rejection. Only 6.6% of the world population has this blood type.

4. You need to be healthy to donate

There are about 6 main parameters but you should at least weigh, 50kgs, be between 18-60 years of age and not be suffering from any communicable disease.

5. You have to wait 56 days to donate again

Donors who donate whole blood have to wait for a minimum of 8 weeks before donating blood again.

So what about the myths?

Well, with now what we’ve gotten the key information out of the way, here are the reasons why you have nothing to worry about as far as blood donation is concerned.

Myth 1: Blood donation hurts

Fact: The needle prick is the only pain one feels when donating blood and it’s barely noticeable.

Myth 2: Blood donation weakens you

Fact: This doesn’t last beyond a few hours. The weakness post donating blood can be dealt with by drinking plenty of water and eating.

Myth 3: Your blood supply will reduce

Fact: Wrong! Your blood supply consistently regenerates. In fact, you can donate blood again after two months.

Myth 4: Blood donation is time consuming

Fact: Blood donation itself takes less than 20 minutes. Add this to the process of preparing you and it only takes 45 minutes to an hour, only.

Myth 5: Skinny people can’t donate blood

Fact: It’s not by size o. As long as you weigh above 50kgs, donating blood has nothing more to do with your weight

Myth 6: Blood donation isn’t for women

Fact: LOL! No, unless the woman is pregnant, lactating, anaemic, or suffering from some medical issue that lowers haemoglobin count, she can donate blood.

Myth 7: A blood donor is prone to infections

Fact: So long as a fresh needle is used for each blood donor, there’s nothing to worry about.

So go ahead and be someone’s hero. Donate blood; you never know if the person you’ll end up saving is a loved one or even you.

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