How To Stop The Deadliest Killer On Earth

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Is it a man? Is it a wild beast? No, it’s a… mosquito. As unbelievable as it might sound, this tiny creature reigns supreme as the most dangerous animal in existence; responsible for causing malaria and millions of deaths globally. Currently, Nigeria accounts for the highest percentage of malaria cases and deaths (25%)in the world. Pregnant women and children under 5 are very vulnerable as it is a major cause … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Naturally Improve Your Digestion

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Have you noticed how we take a lot of things for granted – well, till they stop working properly? One of them is digestion as it’s not a big deal till our stomach feels like a roller coaster in an overcrowded amusement park. As many as 70 million people experience digestive disease and disorder, making it a top health issue. While prescriptions can help to deal with symptoms, there are … Read More

The Best And Worst Ways To Cook Your Meat and Vegetables

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Cooking is fun;it’s a thing of wonder to be able to toss various foods and spice combinations into a pot and come out with something that tastes awesome. Unfortunately, many of the cooking methods we use can release some harmful compounds into our bodies or strip the nutrients off our food For instance,several studies found that the way meat is cooked can impact your cancer risk.In one study, participants who … Read More

The Dangers Of A Sedentary Lifestyle: Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

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Quite an exaggeration when considered at face value but according to a wide body of research, inactivity is responsible for more annual deaths than smoking. A sedentary lifestyle has also been associated with 6% of coronary heart disease cases, 7% of type 2 diabetes, 10% of breast cancer cases and 10% of colon cancer cases globally. Question: Since when did it become a good idea to take movement breaks at … Read More

6 Myths About Six-Pack Abs

Six-Pack Abs
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Having washboard abs is great. The problem is that there’s a lot of bad advice out there – “Eat this food to blast belly fat” or “50 sit-ups a day will make your abs pop.” Not true! So below are 6 common myths about six-pack abs, along with the right ways to get it. Myth #1: Exercise Can Compensate for a Bad Diet LOL, no. Even if you hit the treadmill … Read More

Let’s Talk About Male Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health

It’s weird how we rarely talk about issues regarding male sexual health when men account for a whopping 40 – 50% of infertility cases. We think more men should take their bodies more seriously so below are 5 common male sexual health issues. We understand the difficulty for men though. Discussing sexual health issues might be an uphill task because any indication of a challenge in this regard is usually considered … Read More


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