Avon HMO Partners Shecluded To Launch Women-Focused Health Plans

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Avon HMO Partners Shecluded To Launch Women-Focused Health Plans

To improve healthcare inclusion for women, we are pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with Shecluded, a female-focused financial services provider, which has led to the creation of two unique healthcare plans –Nova and Thrive.

Years of research show that women are disadvantaged when it comes to accessing healthcare and this inequality can manifest in various forms, ranging from women being cut off from being active stakeholders in their health, to sad occurrences of maternal mortality, which in Nigeria, is one of the highest globally at 14%. Women are also more likely than men to require various medical services throughout their lives, even though they are less likely to have health insurance.

Due to these constraints, most women are at the risk of bankruptcy or seeing their businesses go under due to unexpected medical bills. In Shecluded, we found a partner equally passionate about making a difference and our efforts have birthed new plans that directly addresses the need of these women while also providing flexible payment options.

As a company that is passionate about improving access to healthcare, this collaboration is major for us and we believe it will bring our country closer to achieving universal healthcare coverage.

So, go ahead, seize this opportunity and encourage all the women you know to secure their health by subscribing to these health plans created specifically for them.

Pease visit www.shecluded.com to learn more and get started.

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