Avon HMO Launches Weekend Fitness Sessions on Instagram

Avon HMO Launches Weekend Fitness Sessions on Instagram

To ensure Nigerians remain fit and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been bringing renowned fitness experts on its social media platforms for interactive training sessions every weekend.

It’s a really tricky period to visit the gym due to the risks of contracting an infection. Unlike other public spaces like banks and offices where people can observe social distancing and contact with surfaces can be restricted or monitored, gyms are different. People are more likely to transmit the virus due to frequent contact with equipment as well as the body fluids of others. Sure, these items can be disinfected but with what regularity? Would it be per use or after a day’s session?

These questions led us to think about how to help people stay fit and healthy even if they can’t visit the gym. Thanks to live streaming, we have been able to collaborate with fitness experts to take over our platforms and take our audience through fitness routines in real time and which they can adopt even after those individual sessions.

This Saturday, by 10AM the CEO of SELFITNESS, Ihuoma Nwigwe would be on our Instagram Live section to take everyone through some circuit workout routines.

Ihuoma Nwigwe also known as the ‘African Fitness Queen’, is the driving force behind the ‘SELFITNESS’ mission to be Nigeria’s ultimate fitness and health destination. This passion goes back to her childhood: her father played lawn tennis and her mother was a Physical Education teacher, who did not let her unrealized dreams of joining Nigeria’s Olympic track team stop her from playing sports throughout her academic career.

A graduate of Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, (where her fitness journey began), Ihuoma majored in Health Science and minored in Sociology. After discovering Spin and its numerous health benefits while training for a Miss Connecticut competition, she dropped from a US 12 dress size to a 7.

Since moving back to Nigeria in 2014, Ihuoma’s passion for aerobics sees her elevating the standard in Nigeria’s health and wellness industry. A US Certified STRONG by Zumba Master Instructor, with a certification in Personal Training, Ihuoma is also an expert in Meal planning and prepping. When she’s not giving fitness tips online or running sessions with Lagos’ fitness influencers, you can catch her teaching in Bodyline Gym (Ikoyi), UPBEAT (Lekki), and Barazahi Gym (Lekki.)

While she will be on our IG Live this weekend, you’re sure to catch other health and fitness experts on our platforms every Saturday by 10AM. Do follow us @avonhmo to participate and invite your friends too.

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