7 Things You Need to Know Before Exercising

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A lot of people are becoming fitness conscious these days and that’s a good thing. People are beginning to see the benefits of exercising as a part of healthy living because being fit benefits your body both physically and mentally.

However, people interested in exercising still have questions: What will work for me? When should I exercise? How frequently should I exercise? Is a gym necessary? Are there any extras?

These are good questions and to help, we’ve put together a few things to note for anyone who wants to get on the fitness wagon and for those who are already team #fitfam.

1. Exercising doesn’t have to be boring

When people say “I don’t like exercising,” it’s possible that they’re saying: “I don’t enjoy this kind of exercise.”

The solution is simple. If you don’t like lifting weights, don’t. If you can’t run even if you imagine a horde of zombies chasing you, don’t run. There are loads of exercises you can indulge in to keep fit: dancing, running, swimming… loads!

2. Exercising absent healthy eating is a waste of time

Using the excuse of a 500-calorie 10km run as an excuse to “I earned this” to justify devouring 1000 calories worth of junk food is counterproductive. Ideally, you need a calorie deficit to maintain a healthy weight so if you’re eating more than you’re burning, well…

3. There’s no one ‘fit’

When it comes to exercising, there are no real rules if you make it a constant part of your lifestyle. You don’t have to run on a treadmill for hours if you’re going to be miserable after. Find something that makes you sweat and elevates your heart rate.

4. Diet. Diet

What you eat is responsible for 80-90% of your success or failure when it comes to losing weight and getting healthier. Exercising is actually just part of the job.

5. Consistency is key

Keeping things flowing is one of the most important things to note in fitness. Every decision counts. Every choice adds up.  If you make one bad decision or drop the ball, that’s not the end; one day off doesn’t ruin a week and one week off doesn’t ruin a month.  It’s all cumulative.


Remember, it’s not all about toned thighs and six-packs. Exercise is a bonus.  In the long run, exercise helps your heart get stronger, build muscle, improves mental health, as well as a lot of other health benefits.



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