7 Daily Routines that keep you Healthy

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Daily Routines

Love them or hate them, daily routines are essential to maintaining good health while creating the resilience and positivity we need to navigate life successfully.

Surely we all know what to do? Not necessarily…When growing up, there was a dearth of reliable information on what constituted a good lifestyle choice. Everything we learned was hear-say, courtesy of an old wives-tale and if you were lucky, from the family doctor.  Today, we know so much more now about wellness and preventive medicine that it is easier to make positive life changes.

The downside of having all this information at your fingers tips is that there is too much information (if such a thing exists). To help, we’ve decided to go through the rigorous process of pulling these micro-habits together in one place on your behalf.

Here are seven helpful routines that can be easily adopted that will surely improve your health status. They’re simple, practical and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make these part of your life.

1. Start your day with a positive affirmation about yourself.

The way you view yourself and your life in the morning sets the stage for the rest of the day. Tell yourself: “My life is beautiful and I have plenty of opportunities to succeed and be happy,” “I am capable, deserving, and ready to create an amazing life for myself and my loved ones,” or, “I’m proud of my body and I deserve to treat all of myself with love and kindness.” Changing your internal dialogue through positive affirmations is a fundamental part of having a clean bill of mental health.

2. Get in a workout

Exercise keeps your brain fluid, increases your productivity and generally sets you in a positive mood. Always aim to do at least a 30-minute, high intensity workout every day although a mini-workout within your compound is better than nothing. It’s also advisable to follow up your workout with a sugar-free drink that includes amino acids and antioxidants; these will aid energy, exercise recovery, insulin balance, and cellular repair.

3. Floss your teeth

Flossing cleans those tight spaces in your teeth and the gap at their base. These are the places that a toothbrush can’t reach. A healthy mouth isn’t the only reason to floss every day. Medical research has proven the bacteria that flourish in an unhealthy mouth can lead to systemic problems like heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness. It may look painful and awkward, but with practice and a commitment to doing it every day, the floss kit will soon be the first thing on subsequent shopping lists in no time.

4. Add one additional veggie to your meal

Vegetables are one food source that will never fall out of fashion. They supply you with energy, nourish your body with nutrients, help kick start other healthy eating habits and help you eat less as they are very filling while being naturally low in calories. If you are more of a meat and carbohydrates person, pick one meal every day this week, and think of how you can up your intake of vegetables. Adding vegetables to your diet doesn’t have to be arduous – it can be as simple as add two tomatoes to your omelette or having steamer ugwu with your rice.

5. Drink water

Drinking about 2 litres of water a day is an awesome habit to start and maintain. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, flushes out toxins, gives your brain a boost all while helping you eat less.  In addition, experts say water can increase your life expectancy.

6. Stretch during the day

We’re not asking you to roll out a yoga mat in the middle of the office floor but simple stretches done throughout the day can go a long way in terms of loosening muscles. Arm lifting, waist stretching, neck rotations and walking to your colleague’s desk instead of sending an email are all help. Stretching increases your blood flow, mobilises your joints and daily freshen up your mind. It’s to this effect that we have our weekly Deskercise videos to help you with light stretches by your desk

7. Get enough sleep.

A good night’s sleep is healing in so many ways. Not only do you feel rested, but a full night’s sleep also helps maintain a healthy weight size, lightens your mood, and significantly reduces your chances of having health issues.

If you’re not getting enough sleep and find yourself fatigued during the day, you need to move up your bedtime even if it means leaving a project undone. You’ll have more energy the next day and the project will be done in no time.


There you have it folks! Inculcate these routines into your daily living and you’re well on your way to a healthier, fuller life.

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