5 Water Facts That Will Make You Grab A Glass

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We all know how important water is to life but there’s a tendency to take it for granted because it seems to be everywhere. While we do so much with water – cooking, laundry, etc., you’ll be shocked to discover how little we know of its importance to our health besides keeping us hydrated. To change that, we’ve come up with 5 surprising facts to help you see water differently and grab a glass more frequently.

1. Boost your smarts

How can water make you smarter? We’ll tell you. While we only think of the discomfort dehydration causes, research shows that it can also reduce our ability to focus and concentrate on completing mental tasks. According to as study in the University of East London, a simple glass of water can help boost brain function by 14%. So if you’re feeling a bit out of it at work today, then maybe the thirst has gotten to you.

2. Maintain shape

If you’re passionate about being in the best shape of your life, water can be of great help. Not only does it keep your appetite in check, it is also known to speed up metabolism. This is important when trying to lose weight or keep from adding more kilos. In addition, it helps to keep your skin healthy by reducing wrinkles which can be caused by dehydration.

3. Protect your heart

We all know what can happen when our heart isn’t in the best condition. Well, research done over six years suggests that people who consumed at least five glasses of water per day were 41% less likely to suffer from a heart attack than those who drank two glasses or less per day.

4. Improve kidney performance

While it doesn’t have a direct impact on neutralising toxins, our kidneys use the water in our body to get rid of certain waste products. A shortage of water in the body automatically translates to the kidneys not getting the amount of fluid needed for optimum performance. In this case, metabolic wastes will not be expelled as efficiently as they should and the body would be holding in toxins.

5. Ideal sports companion

Contrary to popular belief, water – not some sports drink – is all you really need to get necessary fluid for athletic activities. If you exercise a lot, water is the single most important way the body can transport nutrients and energy, as well as remove heat during exercise. Sports drinks might taste better but for hydration, they’re not really necessary; and water’s cheaper too!


So why not appreciate that crystal clear blessing more today and stay hydrated. It does you more good than you can imagine.

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