5 Lean Foods You Can Eat On Your Weight Loss Journey

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Any one interested in weight loss is always confronted with a dilemma when it comes to food. “If you’re asking me to give this up and eat less of that, then what do I have left to eat?” It’s a legitimate question actually, because you can’t leave a vacuum even when you’re eating healthy and have an eye on weight loss.

Since the idea is to consume fewer calories, the trick is either to eat less or eat lean but hunger can make you sabotage your efforts so we favour the latter. Here are 5 foods that can do the trick.

  • Salad

One of the tricks of filling up without putting on weight is to eat foods with fewer calories per bite. This is why salad is perfect for weight loss. Along with fibre, salad is loaded with vitamins and minerals. You can have it before the main meal to avoid overeating. Just avoid having too many unhealthy extras, like cheese, cream, etc.

  • Oatmeal

Always a fav! A bowl of oatmeal can keep you going all day because of its high fibre content. It fills you up and lets your body absorb the oatmeal’s nutrients more slowly. That keeps your energy steady.

  • Nuts

While these are high in fat, which gives them more calories per bite, nuts generally suppress hunger and make you feel full. Plus, the fats are the unsaturated, “good” kind, which help your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, too. Don’t consume too much though, you’re fine with a handful.

  • Eggs

If your goal is to stay full until lunch time and eat less over the course of the day, eggs area great breakfast choice. They also have fewer calories than you think (78) and lots of protein.

  • Beans

People who eat them seem to go for hours on end like their hunger is eternally over. They’re just more satisfied between meals. Over the long term, this may translate into less body fat and a healthier weight because beans are light on calories but packed with protein and filling fibre.

That said, you should be wary of certain foods that can leave you hungry

These include processed foods like soda, candy, and even white bread because they contain little nutrients and too much sugar. On the other hand, lean protein,unsaturated fats and carbs with more fibre and nutrition (like whole grains,fruits, and vegetables) take longer to digest, satisfy your hunger, and provide a steady stream of energy.

Missing Ingredients: Sleep and Exercise

If you don’t get enough sleep, you may eat more than you need and send your weight loss efforts down the toilet. And you’re more likely to reach for snacks that have more calories and more fat. Exercise can also help you burn more calories so you should try breaking a sweat for about 30 minutes, three days a week.

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