3 Reasons Why You Need A Healthcare Plan

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Asking why you need a healthcare plan is a sensible thing to do, especially if you are young, healthy and can count your hospital visits on one hand. Why pay an annual sum that you might not even utilize? Your mental calculator tells you it’s a waste of money and it’s easier to imagine paying for healthcare only when you need it (while you say ‘It’s not your portion’ on the low).

That’s the ideal scenario but in life, stuff happens and it’s important to always have a plan. When it comes to your health, here’s why you need one:


1. It saves you money

Heaven forbid but really, what if? Medical emergencies, especially acute illnesses and surgeries are very expensive and can run into hundred thousands of naira. With a health plan, this financial burden does not fall on you, the HMO steps in. This allows you to get treated without having to shell out cash because you’ve already planned for it. What’s more, the cost of treatment can sometimes be more than what you paid as an annual premium for your healthcare plan, depending on your illness. Hence, a healthcare plan not only saves you money but gives you value for it too.


2. Access to quality care whenever and wherever you need it

Without a healthcare plan, a bout of fever will have you self-medicating in order to save cost when going to a hospital for proper tests and diagnosis is the proper thing to do. Worse still, some people simply ignore symptoms out of a reluctance to pay “unjustifiable” hospital bills. These are both dangerous!

Let’s face it, we all would go to the hospital for treatment whenever needed if money isn’t an issue but a short stroll to the chemist seems to be cheaper. What if there’s a complication from improper treatment due to self-medication? It’s a risky move, we just hope everything turns out well and chose to ignore how much of a gamble we often play with our health.

The best thing is for you to secure your health; a health plan helps you to do this, ensuring you have access to quality care when you need it.


3. Preventive care and early intervention

Regular medical checks are non-existent without a health plan but they are how most serious illnesses get spotted early. It’s easier to deal with a problem if it is noticed on time and a healthcare plan affords one the opportunity to do this.

Rather than leave your healthcare to chance, wouldn’t it be better to plan ahead and have it sorted? With Avon HMO, you can.

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