20 Ways to Stay Healthy in 2020

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As we settle deeper into the New Year, a lot of us will evaluate whether we’ve been keeping to all the promises we made to ourselves during the ‘new year, new me’ phase. These include health goals and to make things easier, we’ve broken down the steps to staying healthy in 2020 into these simple and actionable steps.

1. Eat Breakfast. Beginning each morning with a healthy breakfast that includes ample protein and will give you more energy and improve concentration while making it easier for you to control your weight.

2. Get what you give! Always giving and never getting in return the short road to compassion fatigue. Show yourself some love too, otherwise, you’ll get to a point where you have nothing left to give.

3. Take your sexual health seriously. You can slide into DMs and shoot shots anyhow you like online, but out here, slide safe. If you’re too shy to buy contraceptives in person, there are online pharmacies that afford you some level of privacy.

4. Set digital limits. Technology can stress you out so set boundaries. You don’t always have to respond to all texts immediately or say yes to everything at once. You don’t always have to be “on” — whether it’s Instagram or email.

5. Prioritise your mental health. Monitor your stress levels, plan for rest and relaxation, share your burdens and if you are in need of professional help, do not hesitate to get it.

6. Get a plan. It’s quite affordable depending on your need and will save you from financial stress whenever you need medical attention.

7. Be proactive about your health. If you’re ill, never wait for your condition to deteriorate before going to the hospital. Doctors are not magicians and it’s easier to treat you when your medical condition is detected early.

8. Follow prescriptions and don’t self-medicate. Ensure you get proper diagnosis before treatment. If a prescription says 2 tablets, 3 times daily, stick to it.

9. Know your genotype. Avoid stories that touch when you’re ‘drunk in love’ before discovering that both you and are AS.

10. Get an annual health check. It helps you know if you’re really healthy and gives you pointers on health conditions to arrest if they exist.

11. Get stronger and fitter. Start slowly and build up. You don’t have to do 50 at a go and skip a rope 1000 times when you can start small and stay consistent.

12. Walk more. Not every time wheels on the street or elevators. Get a FitBit or download a fitness tracker on your phone to monitor your progress.

13. Lose weight. This will help you prevent the onset of diabetes and hypertension. A crash diet might not be beneficial in the long run so just try to maintain a healthier diet.

14. Sleep healthier. Stop forming insomniac night owl (we hear it’s a cool thing to do now). Adequate sleep is key in preventing stress and aids your decision making.

15. See a dentist at least twice! Brushing twice a day isn’t enough to remove all food particles in your build-up germs over time and cause gum inflammation and tooth decay.

16. Check your blood pressure. Hypertension is a silent killer; tracking your numbers is an important preventive measure. #2018HealthGoals

17. Be happy. Make it a conscious decision. You can actually train your brain to be more optimistic. Being grateful is a great way to start.

18. Laugh more. Just laughing more every day can reduce stress and boost immunity.

19. Drink more water. Sounds cliché but drinking enough water impacts on the amount of energy you have, how hungry you feel, your ability to concentrate, and how quickly you recover from your workout sessions.

20. Spend time outdoors. Getting some fresh air can do some great things for your health.

Remember, simple consistent steps add up to your overall wellbeing. Making a few of these tips a part of your life will go a long way in ensuring you stay healthy all year long!

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