17 Important Lessons From 2017 for a Better 2018

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Hi there, welcome to 2018! The previous year has been a wonderful one for us. Sure, there were challenges but we confronted them as a team, trusted one another and forged ahead. Along the way, we learned lots of lessons and believe it’s better to share with you because you might find some of them useful on your journey through 2018.

Here are 17 important lessons we learned from 2017.

1. Being people-centric by looking for ways to make life better for them is the root of all innovation.

2. Invest in your staff and celebrate them even if there are chances they would move on. You’re making your industry better regardless. It’s a win-win.

3. Surround yourself with a team that’s passionate and genuinely cares about what you do.

4. Leading innovations in your industry might seem lonely at first but stay the course and watch others join you.

5. Never let competition get in the way of actively contributing towards making your industry/sector better.

6. Always give back to the society. You’re not just in business to make money but to also directly impact your community.

7. When you’re creating or innovating, it’s important to always have a structure. No matter the chaos around you, let there be a method to the madness. When you have a method, you can go ahead to be as ‘mad’ as you want – Adesimbo Bello-Ukiri, CEO Avon HMO.

8. When you decide to make a move, move. Every second spent dithering is an opportunity given to others to overtake you.

9. “There is nothing more satisfying than putting a smile on your customers’ face. When you touch their hearts, you will not only create loyal customers but potential free advocates for your brand too.” – Deji Akintade.

10. “It is not enough to succeed. You have to look beyond yourself and use your business to lift others up as you go.” – Tony Elumelu

11. Believe from the very beginning that you are creating something that will transform your society/world.

12. Never be ashamed of starting small. Growth is a thing of pride.

13. “You have to be ready to do everything to satisfy your customers.” – Shola Akinlade, CEO, Paystack.com at #TEFForum2017.

14. “Being small is not the same as being mediocre. Excellence pays in the long run, mediocrity pays immediately but the rewards don’t last.” – Dr Maxwell Ubah.

15. “You will only remain relevant by staying innovative in a bid to meet your customers’ needs. To be successful, you must do things out of the ordinary. Be crazy.” – Chike Oniya.

16. “Build a team that loves your brand. Do not just hire people whose only motivation is to get paid.” – Angie Nwandu (CEO, Shade Room).

17. “Relationships matter so pay attention to them. You can’t put a price on relationships because they will sometimes get you what money can’t.” – Adebola Williams.

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